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Should you get a Massage Treatment when you are sick?
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We should all continue to think ahead of time about the actions that we can take to stay healthy and prevent the spread of any illness. 

The question of whether or not you should see your massage therapist when you are feeling ill is a common one...

It has been proven that Massage Therapy may boost the immune system and can calm and relax you, your muscles and your nervous system. However, when your body is already fighting off a virus due to a cold or flu, a massage treatment may actually make things worse as it increases the circulation in the body at a faster pace than normal. 

During cold and flu season, please stay home if you are sick - even during allergy season when you are unsure! Please be considerate of yourself, your therapist, and the other clients and never come in for a massage treatment if you are contagious or ill. Since a treatment is in a small space and germs can spread through the air easily and quickly in these conditions.

Do not feel bad about cancelling an appointment, even at the last moment, if you are sick or have been exposed to someone who is sick. If anything, it is very much appreciated! In the same respect, I never treat while I am sick and I may have to cancel at the last minute. This is to ensure the well-being of not only myself, but my clients as well.
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